Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lap Top Power Socket

An Asus laptop had power problems.

I found a few videos.

Short summary

A long summary

I played the short video until I was confident then I counted all the screws.

I made a plan...



Battery 1

rubber feet 4

Screw under feet 4

one screw at back in battery area 1

Under cover 1

Underneath screws 11

small door 1

screws under door 2

battery area screws 5

Keyboard 1

Keyboard ribbon 2

Optical drive 1

screws in optical drive area 3

Under track pad 7

IO cable 1

Speaker cable 4

IO Board screw 1

IO board removal 1

Fix power plug

And gave it a go, taking a photo at every step.
Then I soldered up the broken part.

It was the gold solid wire coming out the rear of the socket!
Can you see the black break in the gold wire?

Then I loaded the photos onto my laptop and went through them in reverse.
Using the photos as a check procedure.

I had to watch a few segments of the long video in order to connect back in the ribbon cables.
That was the most difficult part. But my photos showed me the before connections, so I kept persevering until the ribbon cables looked the same.

No screws were lost or damaged in this processes!
And none left over. I used magnets to hold the screws.

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